Case Study: Create Your Own Reality

  • Feb 10, 2024

Description: Custom Cardboard Virtual Reality v2

Industry: Corporate / Fortune 500

What it was purchased for: A leave behind for Field Marketing Account Managers to help convert business from the competition. This end user had received a sample of the cardboard virtual reality from another supplier back several months before. Because this distributor had such a great relationship with the client, the client asked her to find a pair.

How it was distributed: These items went into the company's online store and were used as a leave behind for good clients and conversions.

Result or ROI: The distributor is now going back to the client to expand on the possibilities for this item. Maybe even creating a custom app to lock in future sales!

Source: Hit Promotional Products

  • Category: Case Studies
  • Tags: Case Study, Promotional Products, Hit Promotional Products, Virtual Reality
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