Screen Printing

- Screen printing is the holy grail on apparel and allows us to match all the vibrant colours of your logo. We are specialists in screen printing and always send a mockup for approval before printing which will specify the pantone colours, logo size and placements. Screen printing is quoted on #of colours, # of logo placements and item quantity.



- Embroidery adds that professional look to any garment. Embroidery is priced by size (# of stitches) so it is a great option for logos which are full of various colours because # of colours doesn't affect price. For embroidery, logo size, # of logo and quantity determine price.



 - Direct-To-Garment is perfect for low quantity printing. It allows you to print vibrant full colour images at a reasonably low cost for low quantity orders. DTG for short, works best on 100% cotton apparel.


Vinyl Heat Transfer logo

 - Heat transfer is perfect for full colour logos on not 100% cotton apparel. Its a great cost save for low quantity orders which require a full colour logo or image.



- Sublimation is the process which allows customer to "print all over". It give designers the opportunity to cover every inch of the garment. A good example is the kind of shirt you see advanced bicyclers wear while riding.


Large format and paper printing

- Large format and paper printing covers products such as banner, posters, flyers, door hanger and more. Anything which is outside the realm of apparel or promotional products.


Promotional Products

 - We have over 250,000 promotional products! This covers mugs, tote bags, tumblers, pens, masks and more!


Graphic Design

 - We have a graphic design team on hand which can take your idea and create a high-resolution image out of it. So whether it is a napkin drawing or need a new logo from scratch, we can help.


Free consulting

- Deciding on your own products that best fit your branding and budget can be timely and exhaustive work. We are a team of experienced professionals that can create offers for you to review based on all your requirements. We are here to help!

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